We depend on volunteers — join the welcome team!

By Kimberly Davis:

Fairfax County Democrats are rolling out a new volunteer coordination program and need about 6-12 members to join the team. With new volunteers signing up daily, excitement is building and we need to support these highly motivated people in the goal of the organization – getting Democrats elected!

As we all know, volunteers are the true engine of work for Fairfax County Democrats — on a daily basis, during the campaign season, and in the off-months as well. We get to know each other, build community, and join forces to work towards our common goals.

With the all-important mid-term elections approaching, we need to ensure our volunteers are energized and effective – and we are starting a new program to do just that.

It’s called VOTED:  Volunteer Onboarding, Training, Engagement, and Deployment.

The first VOTED Team information night and training was held recently, and it was smashing success. We are on our way to having a good group to spread this important burden evenly, and make sure new volunteers are welcomed in a way that will keep them active for years.

Another VOTED Team information night and training night is scheduled for Wednesday, August 8th, at 7 pm at Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) HeadquartersMark your calendars!

For this first module, Volunteer Onboarding, the VOTED Team will:

— Welcome all the new volunteers who sign up with Fairfax County Democrats

— Identify the skills they want to put to work, and

— Connect them with the right people in the organization, at the District and HQ level.

Who is a good fit for the VOTED Team? Conveying warmth and enthusiasm for Democratic volunteerism is the most important part of the job!

Beyond that, we are looking for people who:

— Are comfortable on the phone, as most of the work is talking to the new volunteers on the phone;

— Are detail-oriented, can become knowledgeable about volunteer opportunities available throughout the county, and will commit to maintaining good records in the NGP-VAN database; and

—  Are reliable, and can carry out all onboarding tasks in a timely fashion when scheduled (approximately every 4 – 6 weeks for a week at a time).

To ask questions or sign up, please contact Susan Johnson, FCDC Precinct Operations Chair– phone: 703-409-2433; email: precinctoperations@fairfaxdemocrats.org.

For broader VOTED program questions, you may also contact program coordinator Kimberly Davis –817-914-7895, or kimberlyvdavis@gmail.com.

Welcoming volunteers in a friendly and timely fashion is so important! Please let us know if you want to join the VOTED Team!


Kimberly Davis is an environmental planner and a member of Springfield District Democratic Committee, where she serves on the Precinct Ops Team.