Fairfax activists represented at Netroots Nation Conference

By Holly Hazard:

Netroots Nation, the largest gathering of progressive political activists in the nation, convened its annual meeting in New Orleans on Wednesday, August 1. Offering over 100 workshops with 565 panelists and trainers to over 3,000 attendees, and keynote speeches from Cory Booker, Kamila Harris, Tom Steyer and Elizabeth Warren, it promises to inspire and engage progressive Democrats from throughout the U.S.

Several Fairfax County Democrats are on the scene as attendees, panelists and trainers. Rachna Heizer of Fairfax is training activists on “Empowering the Largest Minority Group: Diversity Outreach to People with Disabilities,” and Delegates Mark Keam and Jennifer  Boysko are scheduled on a panel with Fairfax residents Holly Seibold and Catherine Read on Menstrual Equity issues. Several other Fairfax Dems are in attendance to learn about the latest social media apps, best campaign tools and hot topics for 2018 campaigns.

Photo above story is of Fairfax activists Stair Calhoun (left) Diane Weeks and Catherine Read at Netroots Nation registration. / Photo by Holly Hazard.


Holly Hazard is is a member of Mason District Democratic Committee and is on The Blue View Staff.