At six years, Aaron shows the pros how to canvass

You’re never too young to canvass, especially in an election as important as the one on November 6th.

Aaron, aged 6, canvassed in Providence District with his mom and 3-year-old sister Hannah recently, and made it the highlight of his “Weekend News” homework assignment for his first-grade class.

His text reads: “Over the weekend I went canvassing. Canvassing is reminding people to vote. I did it with my Mom and my sister, Hannah.”

He illustrated the article with depictions of a happy potential voter and signs reading:

“Vote for Democrats”;  “Election on Nov. 6th“;  “Tim Kaine for Senate”; and “Gerry Connolly for Congress”

Aaron’s mom, an active member of Providence District Democratic Committee, reports that Aaron ” has not expressed any specific interest in politics but he is very aware of the role politicians play. He has a strong sense of what is right and fair and feels very strongly when he thinks they aren’t doing the right thing.”

We could all learn a lesson from Aaron.