Tim Kaine in the chase for absentee voters

Sen. Tim  Kaine, running for re-election in the Nov. 6 election, recently stopped by to help Democratic Party volunteers “chase” absentee voters by mail.

For readers not familiar with the term:

An application for an absentee ballot is a public record, including name and address. Political parties obtain these records then contact or “chase” potential absentee voters to encourage them to send in their ballots. In a close election, absentee votes may make the difference.

Chasing at Fairfax County Democratic Committee headquarters were the following volunteers:

Tim Turner; Bill Zamen; Anne Stakem; Frank Blechman; Pat McAloon;Bob Mansker;Margie Ellis;Nadja Golding; Frank Anderson (FCDC Executive Director); Bruce and Meghan Neilson; Burma Bochner; Sen. Tim Kaine (D- VA); Cherie Root; Maggi Luca; Kathy Turner;Rick Bochner behind Emily Trone; Ernestine Heastie; Cher Cunningham; Lisa Heupel; Sawyer Loessberg; Malia Heupel; Noah Heupel and Margaret Marin.