Volunteer drivers give a voice to almost 100 voters in recent election

Nearly 100 voters who could not make their own way to the polls had their voices heard in the recent midterm elections thanks to volunteer drivers organized by Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC).

The Ride to the Polls program gave a lift to 96 voters who were elderly, handicapped, infirm, newly American or had language barriers.

“Most touching to me were the two residents from the Lamb Center” – a local non-profit organization serving the poor and homeless – “who were voting for the first time,” says Lola Quintela, FCDC corresponding secretary and ride organizer.  “When we reach out to those who are poor, marginalized, or isolated; those who are getting back on their feet or are just joining our American family; we put our values into action.”

Quintela says there is potential to pick up many more voters with an aggressive outreach program. And if the demand rises, the supply of drivers seems up to the task – in fact, there were more volunteer drivers, 119, this time around than voters without their own means of transport.

Photo: Mr and Mrs. Laureano Rivera voting in the recent midterms, courtesy of FCDC’s Ride to the Polls program/ Photo by Nelly Samaniego