FCDC condemns public Confederate symbols

The Fairfax County Democratic Committee Tuesday passed a resolution condemning all publicly sponsored symbols honoring either Confederate leaders or the Confederate States of America.

The resolution encourages all federal, states, and municipalities to remove such symbols from publicly sponsored spaces and encourages the Fairfax County School Board to rename Robert E. Lee High School because the timing of its naming and its ties to the Confederacy no longer reflect the values of Fairfax County. See more on the resolution here.

Fairfax County’s Park Authority Board in January quietly renamed Robert E. Lee RECenter to Lee District RECenter and J.E.B. Stuart Park to Justice Park.

In other actions, FCDC members voted in 710 new members; voted to use traditional voting (top three) instead of ranked voting (a.k.a. instant runoff) in Rules and Procedures for the Endorsement Meeting; approved the 2019-2020 Annual FCDC Budget; and changed the name of The Democrat Committee to The Newsletter Committee in the Bylaws.

__Karen Kirk