Submission Guidelines

Write for The Blue View!

We welcome original content that our target audience –Democrats and all liberals and progressives in Fairfax County and the surrounding region — will find interesting and relevant. 

We want your photos as well as your words, whether they accompany articles or tell a story as stand-alone shots.

In line with our motto, Reporting With a Purpose, we encourage write-ups that have “news pegs”, such as events, activities and interviews. But we also like getting analysis, opinion, and features.

If you have a flair for writing and seek an outlet for it, let us know — there are lots of good stories that need coverage.   

We have a special category, First Person, for stories of sudden realization. We call them Moments When Politics Got Personal. If you’ve had an experience like this, and would like to share it, please send it in.

We prefer topics that have a Fairfax County angle, but we have space for broader scope stories as well.


Stories should be responsible and accurate, not misleading, and limited to 500 words typically, although they can be longer on an exceptional basis.

Photos should be high quality jpegs — which many smartphones are capable of taking. They should be accompanied by the name of the photographer and names of photo subjects, unless photos are crowd shots, such as rallies, protests and events.

Please note that contributors retain ownership of their stories and photos and are responsible for their contents. The newsletter has rights to publish and archive stories and photos for future use. All stories are subject to editing by newsletter staff.

Authors are asked to provide a one-sentence description of their personal and/or professional background, including their membership, if any, to FCDC or other relevant organization. Authors are encouraged to provide headshots.

Please send stories and photos by email to We also welcome your comments and questions by email. Please include a phone number if you want us to call you back.